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I. Introduction

Dear Sirs,


It was more than 10 years ago (still within KZN "Bieżanów”, the leader company in our Group) that we started to build an organization whose aim was to supplement the offer of manufacture of turnouts and permanent way components by installation of these products. The External Works Division established to this purpose has come a long way within a short period from a small structure within the manufacturing company to a fully autonomous and profitable enterprise. The decision made in 2013 by the management of the KZN Bieżanów Group, to transform the division into an autonomous company trading as KZN Rail was a logical consequence of enthusiastic acceptance of our comprehensive offer by the market. The businesses operating in such a demanding environment as the public procurement sector frequently have to respond to serious challenges posed by the contracting authorities to prospective contractors. We believe that KZN Rail has passed this examination – we have successfully implemented our strategy and taken a series of additional steps increasing the value of the company and our Group. The deep involvement of our Employees, the highest management standards and our clear vision of business growth have enabled us to demonstrate that we are capable not only of operating in a difficult market environment but also of developing and achieving strategic objectives. This is the way we lay strong foundations that will enable us to build values in the future. Convincing evidence of our capabilities, completed or continued investment projects, may be seen in Wrocław, Kraków, Toruń, Łódź, Bydgoszcz and Olsztyn, and in many locations in the national railway network covered by the renewal programme.

We gain trust of our customers day by day. We not only engage in completing the portfolio of current orders and strive to acquire new ones but also invest in our staff’s development and machinery fleet, so as to prepare our company to even more ambitious construction projects, and to offer an increasing range of specialist services, in particular in the area of infrastructure maintenance processes.

In doing so, we have a clear objective: make sure that our business partners who choose KZN Rail as a contractor in permanent way investment projects have a guarantee of highest-quality, comprehensive, reliable and timely completed construction and renovation services.


Grzegorz Leszczyński

CEO, KZN Rail Sp. z o.o.


II. Our Group


The KZN Bieżanów Group is an organization associating business entities that operate in the railway track industry. More than 70 years of experience on the rail infrastructure market possessed by KZN "Bieżanów", the company leading our Group, both in terms of capital commitment and technology development, provide a firm basis enabling us to gain a competitive advantage enjoyed by the entire corporate group. The idea that joins our structure is a comprehensive service of capital expenditure and maintenance processes on permanent ways used by railway (including high-speed rail), tramway and subway companies, and by the industrial sector. We accept full responsibility, starting in the phase of technical advice and design, through the phase of manufacturing and supply logistics, to the installation and subsequent service processes.

We efficiently combine human capital, machinery fleet, experience and knowledge of all member companies of our Group. We put particular emphasis on innovation and comprehensive solutions that improve the quality, and safety level offered by our products and services.

Our potential, based on state-of-the-art concepts and still developing, has also been appreciated by independent market observers – this is confirmed by the long-term presence of our brand on the List of 500 Most Innovative Businesses (the Polish Academy of Sciences), the Innovation of the Year awards (the Division of Engineering Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences/FIRE Innovation Centre), the Polish Infrastructure Diamond in the Innovation Leader category (Executive Club), the Forbes' Diamond.


III. KZN Rail in the KZN Group


KZN Rail is a key entity in the KZN Bieżanów Group ( in view of the Group’s strategy that includes comprehensive support of investment and maintenance processes on permanent ways. KZN Rail is a contractor company that completes such tasks as installations, repairs and maintenance of track infrastructure thus linking the chain of processes which include design, manufacture and logistics services, managed as a whole by the entire group of companies.

The company owes its competitive advantage to the knowledge and experience gained at KZN "Bieżanów”. As a result, the services provided by KZN Rail which consist in the comprehensive construction of tramway and railway tracks, in particular junction stations and turnouts, are characterised by the high quality of workmanship that guarantees safety and a long useful life of the complete permanent way.


IV. Competences


KZN Rail combines enthusiasm and energy with vast experience backed by advanced technical concepts.


Our membership in a financially strong group established around KZN "Bieżanów", a company with more than 70 years of experience, enables us to apply for and to implement large-scale projects that are beyond the capabilities of smaller enterprises. Using our combined experience in innovative technologies designed for constructing, maintaining, renewing and replacing key components of rail infrastructure, the skills of a dynamic expert team supporting the activities of our internal Research and Development Division, we have gained a durable competitive advantage for KZN Rail.


We have been engaged in rail infrastructure construction for more than 10 years now, and have always striven to achieve a quality level surpassing the expectations of our customers when implementing the contracts awarded to our company. Our competent team and efficient quality control system guarantee that all capital expenditure projects implemented by KZN Rail will be completed reliably, successfully, and by contractually agreed dates. Our quality control procedures conform to the Quality Management System described in EN ISO 9001 and their efficiency is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity issued by Bureau Veritas Polska.


V. Trust


Every Customer and each capital expenditure project is unique. Consequently, we are expected to adapt to individual needs and new circumstances when performing each contract – and we do so. We are flexible and immediately respond to changes. Complex capital expenditure projects, such as the reconstruction of the complete track system at the Wrocław Główny station, upgrading the East-West line in Łódź, the design and construction of a new tramway in Bardzka Street in Wrocław, the tram depot in Olsztyn, the replacement of more than 150 turnouts in Line 1 from Koluszki to Częstochowa, confirm our market position as a reliable and trustworthy partner of investors and general contractors in infrastructure project implementation. We do not rest on our laurels, and seek new business opportunities and chances to grow. Our efforts have translated into new demanding specialist contracts that are now being performed by KZN Rail throughout Poland.


VI. Innovativeness


The knowledge, experience and innovative solutions offered by our company give our Customers specific and measurable added values.


We have gained a competitive advantage due to our innovative approach to capital expenditure projects, to our ability to offer always optimum solutions in order to complete our tasks quickly and on reasonable organisational and economic terms. Our efforts have resulted in a comprehensive offer of tramway and railway construction services, an offer ensuring that our customer is released from all additional construction, preparatory, logistics or organizational tasks.


The members of our team are focused on reliability and technically advanced concepts. Therefore we not only continually monitor innovations appearing on the market, but also develop and practically implement technologies that accelerate the contract performance process and customize the portfolio of our services. As a result, our service offer is extended year by year and the skills of our experts are regularly upgraded.


Continual development, professional staff, state-of-the-art machine fleet including road and railway equipment together with a wide range of specialist accessories and an innovative model of work organization enable us to complete projects characterised by the highest quality parameters, and always on time.


VII. Our offer


When completing a permanent way construction project (a railway or a tramway), KZN Rail provides a comprehensive range of services that includes support of the entire investment process. Our experience, technical and manufacturing facilities enable us to prepare a "custom-made" offer in response to each inquiry. The contracting potential of our company is confirmed by a large portfolio of references covering all types of railways and tramways – both with and without aggregate ballast.

Our organisation employs experienced specialists in the fields of assembly, welding, equipment works, being thus capable of implementing not only upgrade but also repair, renewal and maintenance projects.


Our company also offers logistics service and installation of quality railway turnouts manufactured using an original technology developed at KZN "Bieżanów" Sp. z o.o. The innovative solutions applied protect the railway turnout assemblies against deformations and damages in the phase of loading at the manufacturing plant, in transit, and during unloading in the locations of their installation. The system is based on specialist Switcher flat wagons integrated with a safe and precise crane system, and with modules used to fix the products for the time of transport.


VIII.Tramway market


 We are ready to complete a variety of tasks within a tramway construction project:


  • Disassembling the old track system and foundations
  • Constructing foundation layers
  • Installing turnouts in accordance with indicated geometric centres
  • Welding rails and turnouts using the thermite and arc methods, completing flaw detection tests
  • Raising turnouts to the required grade line
  • Constructing drainage systems and adjacent infrastructure
  • Completing vertical and horizontal soles from elastic materials
  • Filling gaps by rails and between slabs using the hot method
  • Installing straight tracks on concrete foundations, concrete or wooden sleepers, together with supplies of permanent way components
  • We complete repairs of turnout systems, permanent ways in roads and separated permanent ways in each technology required by our Customer
  • We complete together with our business partners the full range of works in the area of power supply to turnouts, turnout control and heating systems and overhead wiring systems


IX.Railway market



We are also ready to complete a variety of tasks within a railway construction project:


  • Comprehensive supplies of turnouts with a complete set of turnout sleepers made from wood or prestressed concrete
  • Constructing and repairing tracks on stations or sidings with or without ballast
  • Installing delivered turnouts on prepared foundations
  • Comprehensive replacements and repairs of turnouts
  • Transport and installation of turnouts and crossings, using "Switcher" flat wagons
  • Rail welding and surfacing
  • Providing maintenance services